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The goal of my division 3 project "The Doctrine of Signatures in Renaissance Europe" is to convey the theory of the doctrine of signatures, focusing on the Renaissance period, through art and writing. The doctrine of signatures is an esoteric natural philosophy that was briefly popular in Renaissance Europe, as natural science still tried to maintain congruity with religious thought. As the scientific revolution began, the doctrine of signatures faded into obscurity. What remains of the doctrine of signatures today can be found in alternative medicine- homeopathy and herbalism. To find out more, download my writing.

To illustrate the doctrine of signatures, i made ten prints of different plants and their corresponding human body part according to the doctrine. to view these prints, go to the art section.

In this retrospective, i will show some of the printmaking techniques that i learned and used for this project and i will also reflect on my written work and the overall process.

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