Intaglio, Woodcut, Linocut, Screenprint

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Four printmaking techniques that i learned outside of a class are intaglio, which involves etching into a zinc plate, woodcut, linocut and screenprint.

I made two prints with intaglio- dandelion and maidenhair fern. With each, i used sharp tools to scrape lines in the metal plate and rosin and an acid bath to bite into the metal plate. Then, i worked the ink into the etched areas of the plate before printing on the press below (at Mt. Holyoke).

Woodcut was one of the more tiring processes i learned, and i only made one print (orchid) with this technique. I used wood engraving tools to carve away the surface of a wood plate. Then, i used a roller to spread ink on the plate so that the areas that weren't cut away become the printed image.

I also made some linocuts, a process similar to woodcut but with a linoleum block instead of a wood block, and tools that carve linoleum.